Payment Options
$300 Deposit is payable upon acceptance into the training.
Balance payable by April 16, 2018.
Pay by Check
  Please make your check payable to
Dragon Trainings, and send in
US $ only to:
1657 Fairorchard Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
If necessary, please send your check via an expedited service in order to arrive by the April 16 deadline.

Pay by Deposit

You may pay by making a deposit at any Bank of America to
Dragon Trainings, Acct #325015814940

Pay by Wire

You may pay by making a wire transfer to
Dragon Trainings
1657 Fairorchard Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
Bank of America
Acct #325015814940
Routing number: 121000358 (paper & electronic)
or 026009593 (wires)

Pay by Credit Card


$300 deposit



To Pay Entire Balance

To Make a Contribution to
the Arica Institute Scholarship Fund
Contributions for scholarships for Arica® group trainings may be made to
The Arica Institute via the Arica Web Store.

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